How to Add a Progress Bar with Bootstrap

How to Add a Bootstrap Progress Bar 3 – today i want share bootstrap progress bar, before i already share Progress bar. but this different progress bar this use bootstrap for make a progress bar. if your blog has been no bootstrap please read the tutorial Bootstrap 3 in Blogger How to add bootstrap progress… read more »

Update Meta Tag Bootstrap Template

Update Meta Tag Bootstrap Template because someone asked template now less SEO. then I decided to follow the old meta tag that I took from template mas sugeng which I think is also seo with slight modifications, for everyone who use my templates please follow the tutorial below to change the meta tags in the… read more »

How to Add a Facebook Comments in Blog

How to Add a Facebook Comments in Blog – because the template that I created does not use facebook comment box. so I made a tutorial how to add facebook comments were mild with the help setTimeout makes blogs is not heavy. please follow the instructions below. Adding a Facebook Plugin Comment on the BlogAdding… read more »

How to add Bootstrap to Blogger

How to add Framework Twitter Bootstrap to Blogger – yesterday i already share How to add a progess in blog, today i will share how to add framework twitter bootstrap 3 in blogspot. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites. My template also now using bootstrap… read more »

How to add a Progress Bar for Blog

How to add a Progress Bar for Blog – before i share template One Stream Blogger Template, today i want share how to make Progress Bar Simple with CSS and HTML for fansub or fanshare or other ._. Add CSS Proggress Bar Go To Blogger > Yourblog > Template > Edit HTML Copy this css… read more »

Sparkling Blogger Template

Sparkling Blogger Template – Today i will share template Sparkling Blogger Template adapted from wordpress, design by colorlib so i just convert from wordpress to blogger because i like that template, previously I’ve shared template Simple Fast Blogger Template. This is the first wordpress template that I created for bloggers. if you want Request Template,… read more »